Owner's Message

Born and raised in the area, I became aware of the need to protect and connect with this landscape.

It was through the influence of my parents, who have been viticulturists, that I became more aware of my desire to protect this land.

I import a French cognac called AUDRY.

When the president of AUDRY came to visit me, he told me, "My grandchildren will sell the products I make."
This is a completely different time scale from the semiconductor business.
When I heard this story, I decided to start a business division that could transcend the generations.

I am the fourth generation owner of my parents' vineyard.
I realized that taking over the vineyard and launching a wine business would be a way to connect the generations.
We converted the parking lot of the semiconductor plant back into a vineyard, and also developed an abandoned vineyard next to the plant into our own vineyard.
On April 23, 2017, we began to produce wines with a distinct terroir using grapes mainly from the vineyards we own.

We desire to make long-aged wines that can be enjoyed 10 years down the road. We believe this will connect this land to the future.

Hiroshi Matsuzaka

Systems engineer for a major logistics company
Semiconductor manufacturing since joining Enzan Factory Co., LTD
Became CEO
Inherited the family vineyard
Obtained a license to produce wine and entered the wine business
Opened MGVs Winery with the aim of making wines that express terroir with grape varieties indigenous to Japan

Company Profile

Company Name
Enzan Factory Co., LTD
President and Representative Director
Hiroshi Matsuzaka
Established current company
Started wine business
40 million yen
30 people
Business Activities
MGVs Winery / Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages, cultivation and sale of grapes
Main Plant / Semiconductor manufacturing and processing
MGVs Winery
601-17 Todoroki, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu-shi, Yamanashi 409-1315
TEL: 0553-44-6030 FAX: 0553-44-6031
Head Office & Semiconductor Plant
276 Shimoozo, Enzan, Koshu-shi, Yamanashi 404-0043
TEL: 0553-33-3136 FAX: 0553-32-1152