Passing the fertile land on
to future generations.


Our winery located in the Katsunuma area of Yamanashi Prefecture is nestled on the Hikawa River, with our vineyards found dotted along its banks.

The gentle breeze that runs through the vineyards provides good drainage for the soil, producing an abundance of fragrant grapes nurtured with plenty of sunshine.
A tasty grape is finished for each of the fields in each area.

We are grateful of the unique flavors borne from each land.
We focus on picking the grapes at just the right timing while following the climate and soil conditions of each vineyard, and producing wine that represents each field so that it retains the blessings of the natural environment, which allows us to deliver the natural flavors of terroir.
By catering to the nature of the land, we wish to cherish the flavor of the grapes unique to the terra firma.
And by keeping our methods simple, we believe that it will allow us to pass this rich and fertile land on to the future.

A message from the owner

The winery, calling Katsunuma its home, has a long history for harvesting grapes. It boasts a rich natural environment, with an abundance of fruit orchards in the area. Our vineyard, which works intimately with what the land has to offer, has continued to focus on the entire process of wine making, from cultivating grapes to selling wine, while growing original grapes such as Koshu and Muscat Bailey A.

With our background as a semiconductor factory in the past, there were reasons for us to launch MGVs as a winery. As the vineyards adjacent to the winery rest on the riverbanks of Hikawa River, the terra was perfect for growing grapes for wine, for its high sugar concentrate and adequate acidity, plus the breeze passing through the river provides good drainage for the soil.
I grew up the son of a farmer, and have, from my ancestors, inherited the grapes on this land that have been well cared for. I too, together with our staff, wish to seek better ways to cultivate this land. Using our experience after honing our skills through manufacturing semiconductors that require great care in quality maintenance, I have gained, as a result, the know-how to thoroughly maintain higher quality and hygiene management. Moreover, I love the fact that wine can be produced from grapes harvested on this land.

Although facilities for our winery are still brand new, our skilled grape farmers, winemakers and staff continue to spend their time, through trial and error, managing to produce local wine each year.
 Hoping to be part of the various scenes in your life, it is our wish, as MGVs Winery and staff, to continue to make new challenges, one step at a time.
We appreciate your continued support.

Owner of MGVs Winery

Line up

Grape variety

We cultivate two varieties inherent in Japan and manufacture wine.

K series / White wine

Koshu grapes

Japan-specific Katsunuma traditional varieties

Our whites are made from ‘Koshu’ grapes. Koshu is an endemic Japanese grape that has had its history in the town of Katsunuma for a long time, known for the fruit to blush into a color of light purple when ripe. The juice of the grape holds a greenish white, but once exposed to air, it tends to acidify into a brownish tan. So it becomes important that we try not to expose it to air, in order for the juice to maintain its beautiful color.

B series / Red or rose wine

Muscat Bailey A grapes

Japan-specific varieties

As for our reds, we use ‘Muscat Bailey A’, an endemic Japanese variety developed by Zenbei Kawakami, the father of Japanese wine. Muscat Bailey A is known for its black skin. We make our reds by eluting the color of the skin to the wine, while fermenting the mash with skin and seeds together with the juice.

Our wines

With our respect to the terroir, our winemaking is conducted by systemizing the variety of grapes with our fields.
We grow endemic grape varieties of Japan on domestic soil and nurture the wine on this land.
By doing so, we wish to bring together flavors that could only be made in that certain year and place.

<The first digit>

Grape harvest area

<The second digit>

Processing method of the grapes

K series

White wine

1 Free-run
2 Short maceration
3 Free-run &amp; Press
4 Press
5 Concentrated juice

B series

Red or rose wine

1 Red grapes the Free-run
2 <Saignee> Bleeding
3 Short maceration
4 Maceration
5 Concentrated juice

<The third digit>

Production method of wine

K series / B series

White, Red or rose wine

1 Stainless steel tank fermentation
2 <Sur lie> Stainless steel tank fermentation &On the less
3 Stainless steel tank fermentation &amp; Cask aging
4 Barrel fermentation & Stainless steel tank storage
5 Barrel fermentation &amp; Cask aging
6 <Assemblage> Original blend
7 <Methode charmat> Sparkling wine
8 <Methode Traditionnelle> Sparkling wine


MGVs Winery
601-17 Todoroki Katsunuma-cho, Koshu-shi, Yamanashi 409-1315 Japan

About 12 minutes by taxi from JR Chuo Main Line "Enzan" Station